Bathmate Pump Guide Blog

A Guide to Penis Pumps


Many men out there nowadays are using a your organ enlargement pump that does increase the length and the girth of their organs. How this works is you place your organ in glass or a plastic cylinder, and then an air vacuum is created inside the cylinder. Now the organ enlarges concerning lowering of the air pressure. The force to which the organ is subjected to from the outside makes the cells to multiply rapidly to accommodate the changes required thus making your organ bigger. Now for effectiveness allow your organ to remain in these condition for prolonged periods. In the end, your organ will become permanently larger.


When considering bathmate penis pump, you cannot just go for any. You have to choose the best. One always have to consider some factors while selecting the best pump. To start with making sure you go for a cylinder that is not too large or too small. In cases where the cylinder is too big, it might end up sucking in even your scrotum. When the bottle is too small, it will create no room for your organ  to expand therefore no organ girth gain.


Another factor to consider is whether there is a pressure gauge accompanying the pump. It is always recommended that you will select the one with a pressure gauge. Importance of the pressure gauge is that it will help you not overdo the pressure sucking, and also the pressure valve will ultimately help you depressurize the pump with a finger. This way you are assured that risks that might come with an organ's pump. You may also read further about penis pump at


 After the delivery of bathmate hydro pump make sure that you do not use before proper disinfecting. You should make sure that you wash well even with some detergent to ensure safety. Also one should consider some things before the use of the device and also after the use. At first you should make sure that you shave any area of your organ that might come into contact with your organ to make sure seal is proper. Secondly you should make sure that you do some activity that will help with blood circulation getting into your organ to avoid damages in later pumping activities. Such an activity may include wetting some clothe with hot water (not very hot) and then wring and wrap it around your organ in a period of about five minutes. You can also rinse the cylinder with hot water.


Then stroke your organ to erection, apply some Vaseline and setup the cylinder over your organ and start regulating the pressure. After about ten minutes you can remove your organ and perform the hot towel wrap again. And later make sure you wash your cylinder with hot water.